Founded by me—Elaine R. Firestone—ERF Editorial Consulting is a woman-owned small business dedicated to bring you the best in scientific and technical editing. 

My editorial expertise spans myriad sciences and disciplines to help you get the best possible documentation product. I have edited technical and scientific texts in disciplines includincorrosion science; enology; viticulture; botany (evolutionary, reproductive, systematics, and ecological); horticulture; floriculture; environmental sciences; oceanography (physical, biological, and chemical); meteorology; sensor technology (atmospheric, optical, marine, and oceanographic); astronomy; heliophysics; computer science; flight dynamics; calibration and validation; remote sensing; and astronomy.

Explore how my editorial expertise can enhance your subject matter expertise by helping you present your findings in the most professional manner possible! Explore in the next pages why you should have your work professionally edited—and professionally edited by me—and how my more than 30-year editorial career (25 of which were with NASA) can help you in your career.

"ERF" aren't just my initials... it's also what you get:  

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