Why Professional Editing?

Professional editing helps you to get your message across to your readers. If your readers are distracted by grammatical errors, unclear sentences, etc., they won’t want to read your text, no matter what it is or what it is trying to say.  

Did you know that professionally edited papers get through peer-review faster (and consequently, get published faster and more often) than papers that weren't edited? 

That's right! Reviewers do not want to wade through errors in the English itself to get to the meaning of a paper. A professionally edited paper eliminates these errors before the peer reviewers ever see them. This means that the peer reviewers can do their job more efficiently, which results in your paper getting through peer review—and getting published—faster. 

A number of years ago, a scientist I know told me about a colleague of hers who did not know why his paper was rejected outright by the peer reviewers of a respected scientific journal. My colleague tried to read it but she couldn't get through the first paragraph of the paper—it was riddled with grammatical errors and myriad construction problems. She said to me, "Elaine, it's a shame you didn't get a chance to edit it first. I bet the actual science behind the paper was good, but darned if even I can understand it because of all of the English problems!" That was saying a lot regarding the scope of the problem in that she was an expert in the same scientific field as her colleague!

Do NOT let this happen to you! Let me help you get your written message across to your audience, whether it is a paper you want to submit to a journal, a white paper, technical document, book, marketing brochure, website, or something else.

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