Many variables affect how a manuscript is priced for editing including

·            length (in the number of actual words)

·            quality of English language writing

·            stage of writing (i.e., draft vs. final)

·            number of iterations required

·            the scientific discipline for which it's written

·            styles to be adhered to for specific journals or disciplines

·            the actual work needed to bring the manuscript up to the highest levels of scientific writing.

To provide an estimate, I'll need to see the actual manuscript whether it's a journal article, white paper, text for a website, book, etc. **If it is a book, note that I will need to see the entire book and not just a chapter or two.** 

There are often discrepancies between what authors think is needed during the editing process, versus what is actually needed. I can help you determine this.   

You can be assured that only I will see any material sent to me, and it will be held in strictest confidence. See my Privacy policy.


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